Vahan Glider

Originally used for reconnaissance, some clever person eventually realized that strapping weapons onto such a craft would be a useful feature for someone in the air to have.

With a 10 ft. wingspan, the craft is fairly small when one can consider its capability for flight. The pilot lies prone in the cockpit of the aircraft and steers and operates from there, with nothing but a glass window to protect him from the air buffeting the vehicle.

The manner of propulsion is less simple than piloting the craft, though. The prone pilot has a pedal behind him that he can use to control how much thrust he gets from a portal at the rear of the craft, a portal that connects to the plane of air.

Armed with a pair of machine guns to vanquish the enemies of Vaha, being a pilot of such a machine is considered an honor amongst colleagues, but also a curse if one were to ever be shot down over enemy territory.

Vahan Glider

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